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Lets get started - what can you expect from RealPlayer?

"Real Network" brand - they are a longstanding brand, and the latest RealPlayer is the 14th version. Back in the day, things were a lot more basic, and people tend to be surprised by just how powerful the media player has now become. When you open up your Real Player Download you will be greeted with a media portal. But don't be alarmed - if all you want to do is play your dvd or listen to your cd on your media player, then all these new fancy features don't interfere with the basic functions. Just put in your dvd, or click on a movie online, and RealPlayer will playback your video in high quality. If you do want to make use of added features and functions then RealPlayer has many advantages over other players...real player download


The advantages - Why Download RealPlayer specifically?

  • Number one reason: It's Free!
  • Real Player is available for Windows, Mac (RealPlayer SP) and Linux, all for free.
  • Easy to use interface - whether its just the basic features or the new fancy ones that you will be using
  • Real Player now offers access to Movie Trailers, all the main radio stations, games and more - this is not just a video player!
  • One-click sharing on your favourite social networks
  • CNET editors rated the RealPlayer 14 download with 4 1/2 stars out of 5!
  • On the market since 1995, the "Real Network" knows what it's doing!
  • You can drag and drop videos and audio onto your phone/ media device and vice versa, via USB - the latest version is compatible with most devices
  • Automatic Transcoding (automatically changes a video from one format to another)
  • You can easily build your own music/video libraries and playlists
  • Supports nearly every video format