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The Real Player Download is no longer just a video player - now you it combines music stations, news, television, sports and more to provide the ultimate internet entertainment system: Try out the no obligation 14-day free trial of RealPlayer Superpass.
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What RealPlayer can offer you

The Real Player download is the best of the media players available today. This is mainly because it can play across a range of platforms which ultimately allows anyone with a computer to access various media, whatever format they might be in.

Once you have installed RealPlayer on your PC or Mac, it then automatically becomes your default media player, therefore allowing all the films and music you have downloaded to be readily available in one place.

The internet is a huge thing to explore, so if you find various video clips that you want to save and view another time, you have the option of either watching it online, or saving it to your RealPlayer for later. Once you have downloaded a series of clips that you like, it will be like having a little library of your favourites, but instead of them being scattered across the web, they are stored in one place on your hard drive.

Real Player Features

RealPlayer has a great feature called ‘Trimmer’ which allows you to cut down the clip that you have saved to your player. With this feature, you can become your own editor and just save the sections of the clip that you find the most interesting.

Instead of having lots of different places to store your photos, videos and music, the Real Player download means that you know where to go every time you want to access any type of media on your computer. If you want to upload pictures from your phone or other device (such as MP3 players or games consoles) onto your hard drive, you can do this with great ease with RealPlayer. RealPlayer organises your photos for you so that you don’t have to spend the time doing so. The Real Player download also has a video converter feature, which is great for transferring videos to your mobile. You can then view your chosen clips on the go without incurring extra costs for going over your data limitations, or losing a connection if you are travelling.

Sharing your media with the RealPlayer Media Download

Social networking is all about sharing, and that is what RealPlayer is great for – if you have found a video you just have to show to your friends and family, you just need to select a video from your RealPlayer list and start sharing!

If you are into music, RealPlayer is definitely for you. Think of all those old cassettes, CDs or vinyls that you have tucked away in your room; RealPlayer can convert all of them to digital files so that you can carry on enjoying them. A crossfade feature in the software also gives all your music a more professional sound too.

So if you want to be able to enjoy videos, listen to your favourite music or browse through your memorable pictures, this is the media player that could well be the best thing for you to have on your computer. It’s so easy to use and will get your media properly organised, making it simple to access.